About our programme

About Phonicsmart

Phonicsmart is a lisensing programme initiated by RN Training that offers a proven and effective reading programme based on our established reading series Bacalah Anakku in BM and Readeasy in English.

Based on our experiences over 30 years in early literacy, we have designed the best and most systematic way how to teach reading based of phonics for children as early as 3 years read in BM and English that you can use to conduct your classes with the best result.

This method and approach of teaching reading has helped thousands of children read easily and fluently by attending classes introduced by our trained and certified teachers all over Malaysia, including Brunei and Singapore, are most sought after classes.

As a licencee , you are allowed to

Conduct Bacalah Anakku & Readeasy Classes

By offering reading classes for children age 4 and above to be able to read in 24 contact hours or in 3 months.

Be part of our product dealers

With competitive dealer discount rate of 35% with low quantity minimum order

Organize courses on reading

Special discounts for all courses organized – Basic, Intensive Teaching courses
– Seminars and Workshops

Be our local reading consultant / trainer

Active and supportive licensees will be trained to be certified trainers – able to conduct courses on behalf of lisensor.

Coach parents who teach reading at home

Help parents by coaching them how to conduct reading lesson at home for their children

Your Main Trainers

Othman Ahamad

Penulis Bersama Bacalah Anakku dan Readeasy

Nik Eliani Nik Nawi

Penulis Bersama Bacalah Anakku dan Readeasy

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